Are you looking for ways to engage your outstanding young credit union employees and volunteer 35 years old or younger? Why not invite them to attend the WYCUP Program for Young Professionals during the 2017 World Credit Union Conference in Vienna, Austria?

Not only is the WYCUP program offered at no extra cost to conference attendees under 35, but they have a chance to win one of the five scholarships to attend the 2018 World Credit Union Conference! What does it take to win? Learn from past WYCUP scholarship winners.

At the last WYCUP program in Belfast, we gathered 140 young professionals from over 30 countries for educational and networking sessions. 

2017 WYCUP Forum Agenda

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Register and Meet Alumni


Welcome and Kick-off

  • Greetings from Paul Treinen of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU)
  • Leadership Lightbulb Cameo from Jay Isaacson from CUNA Mutual (Sponsor)
  • Greetings from Victor Corro (WOCCU) and introduction to facilitator Erin Hancock of Co-operative Management Education, Saint Mary’s University (managementstudies.coop)
  • Activities with your CU peers


Drive Purpose, Driven by Purpose

  • Presentation by Erin Hancock on values-based business
  • Activity: Defining your purpose statement
  • Presentation by Darren O’Reilly, Member First Credit Union on impactful marketing and personal branding
  • Activity: Pitch challenge




Living Leadership Panel

  • Let’s talk CU careers, leadership hacks, game changers with:
  • Caroline Domanski, Copperpot Credit Union, UK (2013 WYCUP scholarship winner)
  • Dorwin Manzano, U.W.I Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited, Trinidad (2004 WYCUP scholarship winner)




Innovating and Delivering Value

  • Presentation by Shelley McDade of Sunshine Coast Credit Union, “Collaboration: Building Your Credit Union and Your Career”
  • Activity: Open space task force session (choose a challenge facing the system and solve it)




Forum for WYCUP Sustainability and Thriving

  • Facilitated by Dr. Brandi Stankovic, Michell Stankovic & Associates (formerly with Ventura County Credit Union and a former WYCUP participant) to create a structure moving forward to build the WYCUP community momentum


Setting Us All Up for Success

  • Emphasizing key lessons and themes from the day
  • Highlighting opportunities for building CU leadership (education, networks, etc.)
  • Determining your next steps


Close of session